Negroponte – Laptop Envy


The laptop is a basic machine that can do basic functions. It runs of of AA batteries and no longer demonstrates its core power but advances in the looks and design of it. Laptops are also being designed as a portable desktop and not made for people laps to be moved around. The ones that are designed for peoples laps need to have a certain weight to it and have the display parameters changed so people can use them for longer. As the display gets more powerful, the more battery packs you need for trips if you can’t find an outlet to use. Rules about using laptops on planes have come into place and you must power down the CD-ROM during flight operations. Laptops can only be a certain size and that size is based on your hands and the keyboard that you use and the display must be similar. The laptop can’t be too thin and must be rugged in nature. Instead of making “smart looking and power hungry” machines, they should keep it simple and add a location finder so your machine can change languages and time zones.

If the author could write another piece now about laptops, I wonder what he would say about all the changes that have been made to them and if he would still agree with his article.


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