Negroponte – New Standard for Standards


The need for standards has been seen in different areas. However when it came to standards in the past, focus was not on the standards and how to implement them but on how to prepare to discuss them. TVs followed suit with the issue that future TV specs were offered but the targeted demographic didn’t seem to care. With the introduction of digital data to TVs standards did arise (compression, digital error correction,); these are good standards, but not necessarily ones that would be more beneficial like new digital content.
Modems do it right always trying to connect at the fastest speeds, and standards allow for software to assist. (I’m sure that the writer of this article was pleasantly surprised with what modems have turned into, indefinite uptime, fast speeds, open phone lines, or no need for them at all…)
The English language is brought up as a standard protocol in air traffic control, and that it is the standard for the Net yet in 10 years (This article was published in 1997) would be replaced by Chinese, and that other languages would flourish as well. The article goes on to discuss computer language standards and that we need to get the net multilingual ready as a standard of communication.

Way ahead of it’s time, this article address many standards that we see in place today.


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