Week 4


Part 1

MIT is where a lot of research is done and where people “design technologies for people to create a better future”. They try and make inventions that can help aid humans with all the new technology there is around us that we all take for granted.

Part 2

So I did my research on The Net Leverages article. This was really cool to look at because it was an old article and it had a hyperbole that there would be 1 billion people who use the web. As far as I know this is true already. The hyperbole was that the internet would reach 1 billion users by the year 2000. This I’m not so sure of but now a days I guarantee that it is getting one billion users especially those who own a cell phone can easily access the web with a hit of a button.

Final proposal

I will be doing a website for my final for this class.


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