Negroponte – HDTV: What’s wrong with this picture?


The first two lines read, “High Definition television is clearly irrelevant. When you look at television, ask yourself: What’s wrong with it? Picture resolution? Of course not. What’s wrong is the programming.”

He makes a great point. We’re all so stuck on resolution and picture quality that sometimes we entirely forget that what we really need is access to video on multiple platforms in multiple formats. This article was published in 1993 and expresses how Negroponte felt about the future of television. He was actually very spot on with his predictions. We now have access to news 24/7 online, along with things like Netlix, Hulu, and HBONow. All of these platforms have made it so we can access what we want when we want. As we move more and more into a completely digital realm the possibilities could be endless.


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