How to Make $$ online


There are plenty of ways that one can make money online. Of course we all know that it is possible to make money with a YouTube channel. But I’m going to tell you how it is possible to make money besides using your YouTube channel.

There are plenty of online surveys that you could take that pay you to fill out and respond to whatever questions are on their survey. Another way to make money is by responding to peoples blogs. It’s not the highest paying job but hey it gets you money for putting your thoughts into someone’s blog. You could also make money off of domain names. If someone is interested in the domain name that you own they could offer you money in order to buy the domain name for their use. You could also build a website for someone in need of one and charge a monthly maintenance fee as well.You could also make money by sharing any files online with certain websites that ask of this and get paid that way. And one of the last ways you could make money is by sharing your knowledge and answering questions online as well. This helps websites such as JustAnswer.

My final project will be a website that I create for my portfolio and the host that I will be using is Wix.


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