3D has been around for a while and is still going till this very day. People had doubts in with 3D films, saying it was just a fad and would eventually die out. But instead of dying out, it has actually increased in sales over the few years. A lot of people really enjoy the 3D experience.

Personally I am not a big fan of 3D films, just because I find discomfort in wearing the glasses the whole time. I know that defeats the purpose of watching anything in 3D but for me its just a haste when it comes to comfort. Comfort takes a big part of the experience when attending the theaters for me at least do to the fact that I am paying to watch and enjoy a movie. I also find it annoying when watching a 3D film at home on a 3D TV is annoying as well because we have to be eye level with the TV while watching. What I think the experience at home should be is relaxing in the own comfort of your house and you can’t always do that with the 3D TVs if you would rather lay down while watching a movie.

But have no fear, MIT is coming up with a new way to view 3D without the glasses. Something such as a hologram. They are in the process of making prototypes for this type of technology, using liquid crystal panels. If this goes through and the technology looks good and its for a fair price, I would have no problem buying something like this!


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